A gal needs a laptop to keep her warm at night, and to write code.

Project Devices

Drones, Programmable Logic Boards, Blinky Lights, IoT stuff.


Jewelry is always popular with women, especially if it is hackable.

3D Printers

Hardware inside of Hardware we printed is the ultimate customization.




Did you say Paris? We’d love to go! A room with a view? How sweet!


Coach is fine, but upgrades are always appreciated. We need room for our laptops.


You can’t win a hackathon on an empty stomach, but free food for the competition wins hearts and minds as well.


Strong. Beautiful. Smart. These are adjectives that should apply to the lady and her ride,




You have to dress for success!


Do you know how hard it is to find a nice Berkin to hold a laptop, power supply and eyeliner?


It is not just about competing, its about evangelism.


– How To’s and Tutorials as videos

– Onsite or in-booth instruction and presentations

– Social Media Outreach and Promotion (Tweets, Instagram, Facebook)

– Product Feedback and Testing

– Press Relationship

– Spokesperson(s) and Testimonials

– Developer Evangelism and Gorilla Marketing at competitors events

– Youth Program Sponsorships

– Coding Camp Sponsorships

– Sponsored Mentorships

– School Initiative Day Sponsorships

– Hardware and Software Donations with Training

– HOW MUCH $? –

All pricing is negotiable based on the venue, timing, and the work to participate. Contact us for details:

A– 2 minute How To or product demo video with production and editing. On your channel or ours (minimum 5)

B – Logo on the uniforms and website for a year.

C – Crowd and Venue “Balancing” so that there is more balance in the gender ratios. ($150 per person minimum per event. Travel costs if not part of a larger package)

D – Your product will be the feature of the hack entered in hackathon

E – 3 videos about the product lifestyle featuring the team using the product in real life type scenarios

F – 3 videos about using the product in enterprise scenarios

G – Sponsor 10 kids for a code camp week at one of our overnight Summer Camp “Coding, Friends, Trees, and Water” programs. (includes social promotion, images, testimonials, and videos from the event)

H – Sponsor 50 kids, and up to 50 non-sponsored kids attend a week long coding camp with team building, rock climbing, high ropes, and confidence building activities.

I – Sponsor curriculum development, and integration of your technology into a high school.

J – Host a mentored hackathon for High School students with scholarships as the grand prize.