You don’t have to be Female to help the Coding FTW Team. We stand for diversity inclusion in the technology workplace and believe in equal opportunity. FTW could be demonstrating Fabulous Team Work, or doing Frontend Through WordPress. As long as you are For The Win you can help!

Our hackthon teams are all female, however. This is because we feel women are so under represented at these events. These are just a few of the coding Female Tech Warriors and their stories:


SARAH may not have the story of overcoming poverty or moving internationally, but Sarah has worked hard to be one of the winningest hackers in the Bay Area. She was SAP’s Hacker of the year in 2013. She appeared on Bravo’s Startups: Silicon Valley reality series. Sarah has been a key player in raising millions of dollars of funding for multiple startups and charities.

CASSIDY is one of Glamour Magazines 35 Under 35 women in tech. She has worked for companies like Intuit and Microsoft, previously. She’s a developer evangelist at Venmo and a regular at Hackathons. Brooklyn bassed, she’s an advocate for women in tech and diversity inclusion and writes prolifically on Medium.

CAITLIN is an ambitious college student at Michigan State University who doesn’t eat her vegetables. She’s a casual hackathon hacker and winner. She plans to be New York City bound by way of Michigan after her post grad summer internship at Google. She’s a full stack developer who prefers front end development.

PEERA is a designer who is passionate about supporting girls in tech. She is empowering women in tech by putting her design skills to work at hackathons to raise money for charity. Previously at Apple, she now designs for Hulu.com when she’s not on her mission for inclusion in tech.

ZOE is an American girl with a heart of gold, and a bit of rough around the edges. She doesn’t fit the mainstream look or feel of what a Woman in Tech should look like. She is an Arizona native who took it upon herself to learn tech.

MIRONA came to America as a political refugee from Romania when she was very young.  She grew up in Idaho and went on to UC San Diego, where she writes about economics. Because of her family experience she is a strong supporter of women’s rights and reproductive education.

ELEN is a back end developer who was born in Eritrea. Her experience in North East Africa gives her a unique perspective on what it means to work with the underprivileged. She is passionate about technologies that advance human rights, and bridge the education gap in places where technology is not common place.