AT&T Dev Summit

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The AT&T Developer Summit is a developer-focused event, packed with valuable news and information about emerging technologies, products and services and the best place to network with top industry professionals and experts. We went this year and built a hack with the Belkin WeMo called Zense.

Zense is built on WeMo technology. Zense was an entry in the ATT Developer Summit Hackathon. While Zense is a great idea for a product, unfortunately Zense is not currently available for purchase – WeMo is.

Shortly we will have all of the instructions you need to build the Zense products using WeMo Maker, and WeMo Motion.

Zense uses If This Then That as a foundation, but leverage a few lines of custom code to allow for more than one sensor to be used to control a single device.

To learn more about WeMo got to