Women In Tech Create Workforce for the USA

CodingFTW is not just a network of strong, smart, and beautiful women from the inside out who compete in hackathons. It is a platform for educating youth, and developing awareness of women and minorities in tech.

While many minorities have computer science degrees, the jobs are being taken by white males. In the next five years, the USA will need to fill 1 million tech jobs according to USA Today, in an interesting article about diversity inclusion in tech. In order to allow more than male elites to take these future jobs, then we must agree education is critical for minorities to be included. More ideas come from different perspectives challenging a way of thought, from various walks of life. If we want to prevent tech jobs from being outsourced internationally, to keep Silicon Valley in Silicon Valley, new initiatives are being created by the government as well as private and public sectors. It’s never been more critical to form partnerships than now.

Silicon Valley is a driving factor in the US economy and women need to become a larger part of that movement. At the very least, women should represent half of that workforce. Women provide a unique perspective to product development for social applications specifically because women think of solutions to problems more collaboratively than men and often can come up with feature ideas that meet collaboration needs. While the first female coders were women, men take most of the tech jobs today. Including minorities in the hiring process is important to building a diverse tech workforce

Coding FTW is showing the developer community what we can do with our skills. When we aren’t competing in hackathons, we are working on our own skill by intensively training, and volunteering to teach inner city kids how to code. We are the mentorship leaders, role models, and big sisters to the youth learning to code today. Through weekly volunteer commitments in our cities, we are showing teens girls a new possibility, experiences, and a way of thinking that they may have never considered before. All it takes is one mentor to inspire the training of the new workforce of the USA.

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