Recognizing the importance of role models for the development of youth, and the disproportions of women in tech, we aim to provide leadership and inspiration for youth of both genders. Creating visibility through competition in hackathons is one of the ways we build awareness, but more than that we will be providing education in coordination with the YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, and the JCC in inner cities, classrooms, and the portions of rural America where technology is not as prevalent a career path. Our team draws from its diverse background to find approaches to problems domestic and international that touch their unique histories.

Teaching Tech

By supporting us on our mission, you can help others through us to fund Youth Program Sponsorships, Coding Camp Sponsorships, Sponsored Mentorships, School Initiative Day Sponsorships, and Hardware and Software Donations with Training. Allow us to find and reach the kids, build meaningful programs, and win hackathons so that we may raise money and reach our 2015 goal. Your support helps us teach the next generation the skills they need for tomorrow.


The team is a collection of girls with diverse backgrounds who share a passion for learning, teaching, training, competing, and of course technology. For coders and technology companies hackathons are the proving grounds. They are where you show that your products, and the people who use them are the best. It is the NASCAR for Silicon Valley. We are on a mission to raise money in 2015 to donate to charity to fund inner city after school programs that teach children technology to give them workforce skills in tech, entrepreneurship and design.---

The Team

Fueled by Passion, thrived by TECHNOLOGY and DESIGN, that’s the easiest way to describe our Female Tech Warriors.

2015 Hackathons & Events


AT&T Dev Summit

Evangelism & Hacks

Sundance Hackathon HACKdance

Evangelism & Hacks

Coachella Hack

Evangelism & Hacks

Bonnaroo Hackathon

Evangelism & Hacks

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